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PVC Louvers/Panels

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A modern and tasteful upgrade for any architectural entity, PVC Louvers is an Innovative constructional feature suited interior walls and ceilings alike. Literally translating to "ceiling" in French, it checkmarks all essential features such as extreme weather resistance, maintenance free and perforation in-be-tween the layers, while portraying some serious minimalist design and aesthetic preferences. Perfectly suited for the Indian climate, PVC Louvers permits airflow along the underside of it, thus preventing any occurrence of mould or condensation.

Although it is primarily made of vinyl, The Wooden Collection of PVC Louvers delivers a definite wooden look along with the precise physical tangibility of real wood. Adding to the aforementioned detail, we offers one of the widest range of colours available for PVC Louvers. Right from deep shades such as Walnut to lighter hues like Maple, there is a suitable woodsy neutral for every architectural colour palette. Read on ahead to experience the full PVC Louvers colour spectrum along with detailed notes on features.